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How judge Mr.Algimantas Valantinas smashed my life

The online newspaper Laisvas laikrastis (The Free Newspaper) in Lithuania says a lot about how prosecutors, former prosecutors, ex-communists, the legalized KGB’s executioners and their representatives – so-called „businessmen“ fauna apologize: “We are sorry for catching us, we are sorry to be here, everything we’ve done, has been done by law”.

The process of money laundering is as follows. The profits of crime and corruption are transfered to “the justice administrators”. The money is used to terrorize targeted indviduals, who posses substantial legitimate assets. The target is charged with criminal offence and brought before a person who has judicial power. Numerous coercive restrictions are ordered to exert pressure on the target so that to speed up his “cooperation” and confession. The mafioso breaks the target psychologically. The individual voluntarily surrenders his legitimate assets in exchange for so called “legal services”. Illegally obtained gain is transformed in to seemingly legitimate funds, as well as corruption is fed again.

But today I will not approach this topic. I consider that there are different, perhaps even worse things, that occur in Lithuania.

I will never be the same again since the day when in 2014 my private life was invaded by Mr.Algimantas Valantinas, the Chairman of the Court of Appeal of Lithuania, the former judge of Vilnius County Court and the former Prosecutor General of Lithuania.

The judge A.Valantinas and I are not acquainted. However, I have been severely affected by decisions taken by this judge. From 2014 to the present, the state’s repressive bodies constantly terrorize me, humiliate my personal dignity. It is enough to mention the fact, that 22 criminal cases were fabricated and filed against me in 2014 – 2016. When the former judge Mr.Evaldas Pasilis took over the Prosecutor General’s office, 21 criminal cases were terminated by the prosecutor’s office as unfounded. However, the only criminal case is being tried before a judge (judge Mr.Rinaldas Adamonis, Ukmerge District Court).

On December 23, 2014 in the Vilnius County Court’s ruling the judge A.Valantinas decided, that I had been arrested (pre-trial detention) by the state’s repressive structures without violating norms of procedural law. Yet, on February 18, 2015 the judge A.Valantinas concluded that I was being kept in prison illegitimately. On December 3, 2014 the prosecutor Ms.Vida Braceviciene, minion of Mr.Ramutis Jancevicius, the former Chief of the Vilnius County Prosecutor‘s Office (dismissed in 2016), attempting to break me down, ordered restrictive measure – 90 days pre-trial detention, but after 50 days she changed her mind and I was released from prison.

The essence of state terrorism is that the so-called businessmen have decided to criminalize the property dispute that has arisen between the co-owners of the residential house and land. Now the „businessmen“ have the goal – to get the order of the court on recovery for damage – 30 000 EUR award. It turns out that an aggressor, assailing a victim, not only receives a gain, but also suffers a „compensable injury“. Thus, the mafioso coerces me to surender my luxury house to „businessmen“.

It is bewildering why moans of Ms.Sigita Jurgeleviciene, the former Chief of the Public Procurement Office to the Government of Lithuania, have been taken for granted by the prosecutor Ms. Jolita Kancauskiene (since 2017 she works at the Prosecutor General’s Office), prosecutor Vilius Paulauskas, the Chief of Vilnius District‘s Police Office Mr.Arvydas Sinis, the judges of Vilnius County and District Courts: Mr.Algimantas Valantinas, Ms.Renata Volodko, Ms.Dalia Zeniauskaite, Mr.Saulius Jakaitis, Mr.Stasys Lemezis, Ms.Daiva Kazlauskiene, Mr.Stasys Punys, Ms.Ainora Kornelija Maceviciene, Ms.Aiva Surviliene, Ms.Virginija Pakalnyte-Tamosiunaite, Ms.Laureta Ulbiene, Mr.Audrius Cininas, Mr.Rinaldas Adamonis.

I believe, that mentioned persons have been involved in conducting judicial proceedings – the criminal prosecution against me without any substantial ground. By failing to endure the burden of victimization imposed on me by the authorities and the abundance of criminal cases brought to justice, in 2016 I applied to the Kingdom of Sweden for political asylum.

The fake criminal case filled against me is similar to the case against Mr.Bronislovas Burgis, the professor of Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania. In 2016 the verdict of a jury of the Supreme Court of Lithuania was that professor is “not guilty“. Meanwhile, as engaged by the „businessmen“, the criminal prosecution against me lasts since 2014, yet according to the law the same type of cases must be brought to a conclusion in 6 months.

Due to the crimes, committed by the „businessmen“, and due to human rights violations, I have filed several hundred statements and appeals to the prosecutor’s office, the courts and other authorities. For the same reason I was forced to sue the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania – file number 2-2673-433/2017.

Perhaps some funny maximalist-extremist would be proud to have the opportunity to throw down a glove to Mr. Algimantas Valantinas, the Chairman of the Lithuanian Court of Appeal. It is said that
a man’s greatness can be measured by his enemies (Don Piatt).

Judge, ex-prosecutor, Vice-Chairman of the Judicial Council, Chairman of the Court of Appeal of Lithuania Mr.Algimantas Valantinas, when will you finally find yourself being a Persona non grata (undesirable person) who has been in my private life for too long? Have you ever thought, that being in complete authority, you damned me to anguish and hard-suffering? Why don‘t you want to understand the terrible injustice, that a person feels, who is falsely accused in committing a crime and who is fiercely and systematically persecuted by the state repressive structures?!

Being in the loop is little comfort. Consequently, any attempts to unlawfully restrict individual freedom and deprive people of their private lives must be regarded as the most serious violation of the provisions of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. That is why in the European Court of Human Rights the state of Lithuania loses so many cases on systematic violations of human rights.

Violations of human rights loudly broadcast the message to the world about crimes and arbitrariness of the Soviet Nomenclature, which is still occupying the Lithuanian state. People, who massively hate the regime of ex-communists, load luggage and flee the country in order to avoid impending hardship or famine. It’s not true that a dog gets used to hanging. I prefer my personal life. But not life imposed by the ex-communists.

Zigmantas Segzda, a human rights activist, Vilnius, Lithuania
E-mail: amagic69@gmail.com
Phone +370 698 73822