Regarding torture at the police office in Lithuania

Hematomos .2016-01-23, Kaunas

Hematomos .2016-01-23, Kaunas

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To journalists and the media                                          Vilnius, Lithuania, EU, 27.01.2016

On the 4th of January 2016 the citizen of Lithuanian Republic Mr. Zigmantas Segzda had applied to the Embassy of Sweden in Vilnius, Lithuania, to seek political asylum.

On 03-01-2016 and 18-01-2016  Mr. Zigmantas Segzda received invitations to the police of Vilnius city.

Since 05-01-2016  Mr. Zigmantas Segzda issued complaints to the Council of Judges and to the General Prosecutor of Lithuanian Republic informing about possibly illegal activity of a group of individuals, including the leader of the Labour Party, the member of Lithuanian parliament Mr. Arturas Paulauskas and  his son – a public prosecutor Mr.Vilius Paulauskas, some judges and other government officers. The complaints of Zigmantas Segzda and the reply of the Office of the General Prosecutor were published on the internet by Lithuanian media portals Laisvas Laikrastis,

On the 22th of January 2016 Zigmantas Segzda was arrested at home in Kaunas town by the police, sent to Kaunas town police prison. He was released out of the police after 45 hours on the 24th of January 2016. Right after his release Zigmantas Segzda received  a medical document from Kaunas town Clinical hospital – the possible evidence of a wound on his body.

On 25-01-2016 Zigmantas Segzda lodged a complaint to the General Prosecutor of Lithuanian Republic regarding his eight-hours’ possible torture possibly at Kaunas town police prison.

Mr. Zigmantas Segzda is affraid to be murdered, he is affraid to be deprived of his liberty again, he is affraid to suffer excessive liberty restricting measures applied by the public authorities of Lithuanian Republic.